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Patient Advocacy

Medical conditions are stressful enough.
Let me help you handle the doctors for
you - you can have an ally.

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Why Would You Need A Patient Advocate

  • Do you have trouble understanding everything your doctor says?
  • Do you have trouble remembering everything your doctor says?
  • Do you have trouble speaking with your doctor?
  • Do you understand your insurance explanation of benefits?
  • Do you understand your health insurance policy?
  • Do you understand your diagnosis?

Do you wish there was someone in healthcare who you could turn to like you turn to your attorney for legal issues and your tax accountant for accounting issues?

There is someone.

Peace of Mind Patient Advocacy can help you navigate the challenges of healthcare whether they involve your providers or your insurance.

Call us today at 239-322-9153 for your complementary consultation.


We make it very easy for you to sign up and start telling us what you need help with. Find out how to start.


We are always there fast and on time for when you need us. Every situation is important.


We are extremely trustworthy and keep all documentation or conversations private.

Our Services

Accompany Client to Medical Appointments

Arrange Transportation to Medical Appointments

Find Second Opinions

Find Specialists

Hospital Bedside Monitoring

Research Treatment Options

Translate Medical Jargon

Medication Coordination

Note Taking at Appointments and Hospital Bedside

Coordination of Medical Appointments

Be the ‘Squeaky Wheel’

Member of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, The National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants, Professional Patient Advocate Institute, and Naples Interagency Council