About Our Logo

Our logo is a peace sign.  It represents the peace of mind that you can get by using our services.  The colors are also emblematic of our core values.  Green represents health.  Health is the primary reason we see doctors.  Gold represents the importance of health in our lives.  Purple is typically a color of royalty.  For us, it represents the importance of our clients.

About The Founder

Lora McCann is an accountant having a B.S. Degree in Business Administration majoring in Accounting from the University of South Florida.  She has also obtained a graduate level certificate in Patient Advocacy from UCLA Empowered, a division of UCLA in California.  She recently completed an additional certificate program with the Professional Patient Advocate Insitute, of which she is a member. More importantly, she has been a patient and a care giver.  She has a passion for healthcare and for patients receiving quality care.  It is the combination of these factors that has energized her to become a private patient advocate.  What do we mean by private patient advocate?  Lora works for her clients, not for insurance companies or healthcare providers.

Recently, Lora attended a seminar with the Alliance for Professional Health Advocates and the 2015 convention for the Community Oncology Alliance.  Continuing education is important to her so she is always working to have the most current information and contacts to effectively assist her clients.

Lora McCann Founder of Peace of Mind Patient Advocacy